Companionship and Therapy Bunnies

How we got here!

We at Happy Tails Flemish Giants have been breeding and providing pedigreed and color correct Flemish since 2012. Our focus has been on size improvement and temperament.

As we move beyond Covid-19, we are seeing many facing various Mental/Emotional and Psychological Disorders. According to NCBI-National Center for Biotechnology Information and Cognitive and Emotional Disturbance due to Covid-19: An Exploratory Study in the Rehabilitation Setting

Over the years folks have commented on how much our babies have enriched their homes and lives. We were moved to make available Companionship / Therapy Bunnies! 

Animals as Companions and Therapy vessels!

For centuries humans have used trained animals to improve human beings' emotional state. The first documented use of an animal for therapy was in 1792 in York Retreat, England. This facility used farm animals, such as rabbits to improve the mood of patients with mental illness. In the world of animal assisted therapy there are many species involved, such as dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, pigs, fish, horses, and yes, rabbits!  

Why therapy with Bunnies?

 Animal-assisted therapy is a complimentary method of rehabilitation from many human conditions, both physical and psychological

There are several characteristics and qualities that make rabbits good therapy animals:

  •  There size
  • Intelligence and friendliness towards humans and other animals
  •  Playfulness
  • Ease of Socializing
  • Ease of travel - (accepted by most airlines and hotels)
  • Clear nonverbal communication to covey what they like and don't like

 In addition, it's clear humans and rabbits can develop strong bonds. Literature depict rabbits as popular childhood animals!

What are some benefits of Therapy with Rabbits?

  •  Promotes Communication and Expression - Playing with rabbits is a positive, relaxed, and fun experience. Resulting in mental stimulation. Which makes one eager to share the experience with people they trust. Such as family and/or caregivers.
  •  Encourages acceptance of physical contact - Due to a variety of causes some folks who use therapy with rabbits have little contact with people. Rabbits are very cuddly creatures which can encourage the development of contact communication skills.
  •  Involves Moments of Relaxation - As with all therapy animals, being able to pet an animal calmly allows for some moments of relaxation. This can reduce stress. Which has significant benefits for the body and aids healing. 

What is a Companionship / Therapy Bunny?

A Companionship / Therapy Bunny is a friend, a member of your family, one that's sociable, well mannered, and yet independent.

Why a Happy Tails Flemish Giant?

  • Reputable - 10+ years of breeding and placing in-home family pets. We have the large ones!
  • Personally Selected - Each bunny will be personally selected by you! We will then train it to meet your particular needs. Your baby will be available after 3 months old. Older bunnies may be available upon request.
  • Health Warranty - We provide an industry best 60 day One (1) Time Health Replacement Warranty!
  • Full Vaccination - Each bunny is fully vaccinated against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) prior to leaving for it's new home. Vaccination Certification is provided upon request.
  • Litter Box Trained - Each bunny will have began litter box training prior to leaving for it's new home.
  • Harness Trained - Each bunny will have began harness training prior to leaving for it's new home.
  • Spay / Neuter - Each bunny will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving for it's new home.
  • Care Instructions - Each bunny comes with written care instructions.
  • Starter Kit - Each bunny comes with pellets, bunny granola, critical care, ivermectin, and panacur dewormer.
  • Delivery - Within the 50 US States and Territories. Either to your door or nearest servicing airport via air cargo. International delivery is available upon request.
  • Lifetime Support - We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round! Either by phone, text, and/or email.



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