Juniors & Intermediates

We are committed to providing

healthy, sound, and registerable flemish giants!

Junior / Intermediate, ADOPTIONS, Junior / Intermediate


The adoption fee is $200 per junior / intermediate. Each comes with:

1) a pedigree unless sold as a pet,

2). a free two (2) month health (REPLACEMENT of illness NOT injury) warranty,

3). care instructions,

4). Pasteurella vaccination (1st at 6 weeks old) and Pasteurella Booster (to be given at 10 weeks old),

5). a starter kit (7-10 days of pellets, a one (1) year supply of Apple Flavored Wormer),

6) a lifetime of support.

That's over $100 worth of value included in your purchase!


Juniors/Intermediates can be reserved selecting the one you want and submitting a NON refundable $40 deposit to our PayPal account. Please be sure to provide you contact information.

Pick Up and Delivery

Once reserved the junior / intermediate is to be picked up or delivered within 7 days for date of reservation. 

We do offer "Door to Door" delivery service for your new family member. The fee is $1.25 per mile one way to your chosen destination. In high traffic areas there will be an additional surcharge of $30.

Below are the available Juniors. Please click on the name of the one(s) that interest you to get more information.

DOB - 4/9/18

DOB - 4/9/18

DOB - 4/9/18

DOB - 4/9/18

DOB - 6/3/18

DOB - 6/3/18


Reserved: Weigel

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