Available Flemish

As we continue with our size improvement breeding program we will offer Kits, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Flemish Giants to new homes. We offer the following:

Five (5) varieties/colors: Blue, Fawn, Sandy, Light Grey, and White.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a bunny. However, deposits are refundable if we do not have the sex (buck or doe) or variety/color you selected when making your deposit.

A Reserve Position is a back up position in case any of the original/primary buyers are unable to complete the agreement. Your deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE if  your chosen variety (color) and sex (buck or doe) Kit is not available.

We offer shipping: at buyers expense nationally and international. (We charge a $70 airport delivery fee to the local airport - San Diego International Airport)To get shipping cost please contact Delta Cargo @ 800-352-2746 and/or American Airlines Cargo @ 800-227-4622. Additionally, "door to door" delivery of your new family member is also available at an additional cost.



Travel Carrier (20L x 13W x 11H)
Water Bottle 8 oz
Lock & Crock Dish Small Animal Bowl 6 oz
Transport Fee